About Us

Gemsinsilver, Inc Limited is company registered in the Manchester and whose registered office is located at 24 Moulton Street, Manchester, M8 8FQ, United Kingdom and who all trade under the name "Gemsinsilver". The VAT registration number for Gemsinsilver is GB.

With a huge variety of products available for all, something is there for everyone. Products are curated from around the world, and company specific lines are designed and produced for our clients respectively. Information about the healing power of stones can also be found on the store website.

Featuring the largest collection of gemstone, semi-precious stone, meteorites, and fossil, Gemsinsilver has been quality and precious jewelry from around the world to a huge audience since 2005.

Why Us

Over the years, at Gemsinsilver, we have developed a credible and trust-able connection with customers around the world for our high quality products. We pick up the best jewelry from around the world and make it available to you on our website at great prices without compromising on quality. We like our customers, love jewelry and by delivering it around the world, we aim to make our customers happier and pleased.